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Oilfield Projects


Geridian Oilfield Ltd are heavily Involved in the design for the safe handling of rig equipment.

We provide detailed designs for a wide range of mechanical systems, for new build or refurbishment of existing rigs.


Typical Oilfield Equipment Packages, Schemes and Developments that we have been Involved with:

  • Pipe and Riser Handling Cranes

  • Knuckle Boom Cranes

  • BOP Handling Gantry Cranes

  • Deck Cranes

  • Pedestal Mounted Rotating Boom Cranes

  • Bridge Racker Cranes

  • BOP Transporting Equipment

  • Catwalk, Skate, Casing Lifter, Tailing Arm and Pipe Loaders

  • Mouseholes both standard and powered

  • Pipe handling systems from pipe deck to well centre

  • Stand Building Equipment

  • Racking Boards for casing, pipes and drill collars.

  • Finger Boards for Risers

  • Monkey Boards

  • 'A' Frames for handling X Trees and ROV's

  • Bulk Head Guidance Systems

  • Splash Zone Guidance Systems

  • Jack-Up Rig Cantilever and Drill Floor Skidding

  • Structural Modifications to Rigs (Above and Below Drill Floor)

  • Layouts of Drill Floor and Windwalls

  • Land Rig Pipe Handling and Derrick Transportation

  • LNG Tank Cranes

  • Telescopic Stabilising Masts for Gantry Cranes

  • Lifting, Transportation and Build Frames

2012 Projects
With our considerable experience gained with the above, this enables Geridian Oilfield to provide conceptual rig equipment handling layouts to suit your often unique requirements.

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